The importance of PLAY in a child’s development is so profound that the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights have recognised it as a basic right of every child. Children should be exposed to regular and unstructured play which aids their development. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult with factors such as passive entertainment (TV, video gaming etc.), increased focus on studies and lack of outdoor playing areas.


Playgroup is a facility that allows parents to safely allow their children to interact with others of their age group and try new things. During the early childhood years, children must be in an environment that enhances their physical, cognitive, social, logical and literary skills. It is designed for babies, toddlers to,
• Develop social skills
• Build emotional confidence
• Support creativity
• Engage in physical activity & role play


Our playgroup provides adequate experiences with objects, toys, and activities that appeal to their basic playful nature. We take special care and attention to the children and help them overcome their separation anxiety.


People living in cities will agree that it is becoming increasingly difficult for children to find spaces for playing games. Children need to engage in physical activity during these early childhood days which enhances their physical strength and keeps them active. At QLM, we have a vast open play area with a variety of toys and outdoor play equipment.


Our curriculum: We follow thematic approach to engage children effectively by introducing concepts through a new theme every month. Through this theme based approach, we provide them an experiential learning through rhymes, stories, art and craft, logical reasoning activities, music, dance and free plays. For example: We will celebrate colours day every month in the school where students are involved in activities that enable them to learn the different colours and associate the colours with different objects in life. As a part of the colours day activity, children are made to do art/craft works related to their learning about colours which they take as a souvenir back home.


When it comes to taking care of children, there is no place better than grandparents’ home - A place that reminds us parents of our childhood days. Leaving the kids with their grandparents gives every parent the peace of mind during their busy day. This is a place where the child is assured of unconditional love, care and guidance. Children are taught good values through life perspective stories and are fed tasty and nutritious food. Above all, grandparents’ home provide a safe and secure environment for children. Here at Qurious Lil Mindz, our day care programme has been designed around this belief.

Our pre-school provides a secure environment for children with 24x7 CCTV surveillance. The premise is designed with ample space inside to accommodate separate cozy beds for children and has a large play area outside with plenty of toys and entertainment. The day-care rooms are fresh and clean with plenty of light and ventilation. Since our pre-school is located away from the main road it is less polluted.


Our day-care operates from 9AM-7PM. Our pre-school has a specifically designed curriculum for day-care children and also provide toilet training and after school activities. We take utmost care in providing an environment that gives the kids a comfortable stay during their time at the school. Our day-care centre toys, beds are sanitized on a regular basis. Also, we provide mineral water for drinking.


Nursery is a very important part of early childhood education as it provides a smooth transition for every child from pre-school to primary school. At QLM, our nursery curriculum focuses on every aspect of a child’s development across physical, emotional and social competencies.

Our objective is to prepare them for primary school education through the introduction of alphabets, numbers and activities such as sorting, matching and counting. The materials used include pictures, videos puzzles and educational toys. We also make them play logical games (maze, jigsaw and building blocks) and a variety of other sensory based activities (mystery bag, sound box and A/V sessions) to aid the development of their cognitive quotient. Clay moulding and craft activities are taught to enhance their creativity. We have lots of fun and joyful activities like rhymes, music, story time using puppets and role play through thematic approach.

Apart from cognitive development, children also develop their soft skills and emotional quotient. They learn to,

  • • Interact with others of their age and adults other than their own family members
  • • Participate in group activities; share and listen to others
  • • Deal with separation anxiety, anger and disappointment
  • • Take care of their personal hygiene and belongings and
  • • Follow rules


Our pre-school teachers are early childhood care trained professionals and provide hands-on education. We pride ourselves in every child’s development and provide personal attention and learning plans by having a higher teacher to student ratio.


Our pre-school kindergarten programme is for the following age groups,

  • Lower K.G (L.K.G for age 3.5 to 4.5 years)
  • Upper K.G (U.K.G for age 4.5 to 5.5 years)


Our KG programmes foster the next stage in the child’s development and are aligned with syllabuses of all state, central and international school standards. Children graduating from nursery have a strong foundation for the next level of numeracy and literacy being taught in kindergarten. The curriculum covers math, language and environmental science (EVS).


Under math, the children are introduced to numbers and subsequently taught basic functions such as addition and subtraction. Children are taught phonics that helps them with letter sounds & pronunciation. They are also taught to write words and sentences by the end of programme.

Languages taught as a part of our curriculum include Tamil, English & Hindi. Tamil language is losing its charm and we at QLM feel responsible to do our part in giving back to the society. Children are also taught Hindi language as it is made mandatory by CBSE board and this would help students joining CBSE schools.


Our curriculum provides a perfect balance of fun, play and learning. It enables students to be well prepared to handle the transition from pre-school to primary school. Our classes include learning (math & language), activities (art & craft, mystery bag & sound box) and games (jigsaw & puzzles).